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Accident and Emergency


The Department of Emergency and Trauma Care Services is well equipped to respond to any emergency situation and provide critical care to trauma patients in order to ensure faster recovery. Critically ill or injured patients with life-threatening conditions are immediately taken under the care of a team of specialized emergency doctors, and the patient is evaluated, resuscitated and stabilized as per protocols.

Every emergency case is of highest priority in our hospital. Adhering to the highest standards of medical supervision and safety, we are dedicated to provide the finest of treatment and care to emergency and trauma patients.

There are separate operating rooms dedicated solely to trauma patients with 24 hours availability of specialists in Trauma Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Surgical Critical Care, Anaesthesiology, Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and Emergency Medicine to adequately respond and care for the various forms of trauma. Patients are kept under strict observation after treatment to ensure they recover completely without any complications.

The rescue team consists of critical care physician, technician and rescue nurse along with additional specialists if required. Patient evacuation is done by surface ambulance. The ambulances have fully equipped mobile ICUs with advanced cardiac life support systems. We have successfully carried out several casualties from various places.

We Offer 24 Hours Emergency Health care Services:

  • A comprehensive Trauma & Emergency Department for patient care supported by a well-coordinated ambulance service that is easily accessible.
  • Designed as state-of-the-art Trauma Centre, the unit has:
    • A large treatment room with advanced operative tables, lights and Anaesthesia Machines.
    • A plaster room and an isolation room.
    • Blood Bank.
    • CT Scan.
    • MRI.
    • Cardiac Monitors, Ventilators and portable X-ray, Sonography & 2 D Echo machines dedicated elevators for immediate transfer of patients to the operating rooms and Intensive Care Units.
  • The unit is supported by trained doctors around the clock, cutting edge technology and ambulance services with critical life-saving equipment manned by trained medical and paramedical staff. Our ambulances have the ability to transport critically ill patients in need of life supportparamedical staff. Our ambulances have the ability to transport critically ill patients in need of life support
  • Fastest Response Time In Accidents and various emergencies.
  • Team Work between various specialties.
  • Coordinated work of high standards and ethics.
  • Highest level of quality of patient care and services.
  • Equipped to handle any kind of Mass Trauma and Casualties.
  • For disaster or mass casualty situation, different systems for TRIAGE have been developed.


Emergency Helpline Numbers:

9352304050, 0294-3535000, 2426000